Isabela's Diamond

Submitted to the Fan Museum by GW1789Buttons



Color: An Iridescent Gold, Blue, Green, and Red.
Metal: Flat, 1-Piece, Impressed Design with Raised Lettering in Circular Channel, Gilt Brass.
Size: 34.67mm.
Rarity: R-7 (Sub-Variety 1)
Variety Type: GWI 4-B SV.1  Scottish Operative-Mason Cathedral Mark.
Present Condition: A Non Excavated Specimen, Excellent Planchet Condition Remains, An Exceptional Impression & High Relief Pattern Remains.
Obverse Button Analysis: This extraordinary rare button is an exceptional example for a sub-variation to the popular linked states. The brass planchet is solid and flat, and has no metal fatigue or deterioration. The surface’s color has a natural iridescent rainbow of colors in the Gold from being kept in the dark for over 220+ years. The fancyScript “GW” Monogram has a nice deep impression, and all the letters are easy to read. The Colonial Swirl has a nice strike with no flat worn spots or broken lines in the swirl. The narrow channel used for the legend is nicely inset and shows the slogan’s letters with good height and volume. The Roman font capital letters are nicely elevated and the letters have clear cut lines. The linked stipple Oval Rings that bind the state names together show a nice deep strike; and all the individual stipples are clear without any wear. All the abbreviated initials for the State Names are clearly defined with good strike depth and letter lines. The reverse Three Punch Mark Border that is unique to this sub-variety have clear lines with nice deep strikes. This is the only specimen with the Scottish Mason 12th Century Cathedral Mark. The other die variant GWI 4-BSV.2 has the French Flur De Lis or Three Prong Merovingian Crown. 
Reverse Button Analysis: This is flat a one-piece button with a soldered on loop shank. The shank is original, straight, and intact. The surface is as fresh as the day it was manufactured.

The Isabela Collection.~

This button was originally owned by a family from Rhode Island. From family correspondence it was proven that it was purchased it in 1789, for George Washington’s Inaugural Celebration.
In 1812 when the British Invaded America, the family feared for it’s finding, and placed the button in a Secret Draw in the back of a Hutch type Dresser.
The great granddaughter received the 18th century dresser as a gift from her grandfather in 1951. The 95 years old great granddaughter moved to Florida, and asked an antique dealer for an appraisal for the sale of her 18th Century dresser. This is when the button was discovered for the first time since it was hidden from the invading British Troops in 1812. The Beautiful Iridescent Color comes off the Gold most likely because it“sat in the dark” until 2010.~

* As far as condition is concerned, Isabela’s Diamond is the Best George Washington Inaugural Button Known to Exist.~

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