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Sold in Hake's Auction #202  for $4,500.
This 1 1/4" campaign button from 1896 is rare and among the most desirable buttons in the hobby. Our perfect example in Auction #190 exceeded $12000.00. There are two distinct varieties known of this design. One is lighter blue on cream and one is darker blue on cream. While both are rare, this lighter blue version, the first we've been able to offer, is the rarer of the two. This example has only minimal age traces. Around the rim are eight very small (1/16" or less) and very pale gray age dots. Within the text and art work there are six more, but widely scattered and so small and faint as to be noticeable only when viewed and studied closely. On the positive side, the celluloid retains its original glossy finish, the centering is close to perfect and equal or better than the few others we've seen, the Whitehead & Hoag back paper, the earliest known design for 1.25" buttons is mint, and there are almost no surface wear scratches even under magnification. The rim slogan reads "Gold Didn't Get There July 7th/But Watch Us Take It There Nov. 3RD." The first part of the slogan refers to the date of the Democratic National Convention where Bryan made his famous "Cross of Gold" speech. This design likely qualifies as the first cartoon presidential campaign button ever and is a major classic in the hobby with this being among the nicest surviving examples known.

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