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From Hake's Auction #204. Sold for $8,700.
Described there as:
The several varieties of the "Eclipse" themed buttons from 1900 are among the most desirable buttons in the hobby. When Tom Slater sold the Chick Harris example of this design in December 2000, it realized $13,447.00 with premium and Tom noted he knew of only one other badly damaged example. A decade later, this is one of only four examples known to us. This 1.25" great design features Bryan on a symbolic silver circle partially covering McKinley on his symbolic gold circle. Each circle has a pair of flag accents. Fine golden lines representing sun rays extend from the McKinley circle. As with the example in the Harris Collection, at the bottom edge some of the curl text can be seen. Text reads in full "Made By Crescent Art Gallery K.C. Mo." There is no backpaper and probably the button was never issued with one. The button is totally free of stain and has perfect centering, high gloss and almost total absence of surface wear. There is a tiny bit of air under the cello mostly above and to right of McKinley photo but this is exceedingly minor and overall the button is about as close to Mint as made as possible. A rare gem. 

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