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Three stooges button. From the collection of Lon Ellis.

"Soitenly" a favor of mine and one of the greatest natural comedians of all time, Curly Howard of Three Stooges fame would have been 109 years old October 22nd. 

Born in Brooklyn as Jerome Leroy Horwitz, the youngest of five children, Curly was brother to Shemp and Moe Howard, two of the other Stooges. Curly who accidentally shot himself in the leg at 12, did not graduate from high school, became a comedy musical conductor at age 25. He later joined the Stooges and performed with them from 1928 to 1946. Curly was married four times, drank heavily in his later years, and was very shy with the girls due to his bald head and heavy weight. He was in dozens of feature films and shorts in the 1930's and 1940's performing for servicemen during

 World War II.

Moe watched out for Curly especially later in life. Curly died in 1952 and was given a Jewish funeral. He is buried in LA. 

Curly did not have an easy life. As Curly said, he was always a "victim of soycumstances....."

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