Topps "Batty Button" #23 "I'm A Brain"

Submitted to the Fan Museum by Michael Scott


Text on Button: 


Image Description: 

B/W photo of the "Metaluna Mutant" with overlaid red text.

Curl Text: 

Japan - © Universal Pictures Co., Inc.

Back Style: 

Locking pin

The Shape: 


The Size: 

2 inch

Year / Decade Made: 


The Manufacturer: 

Topps Chewing Gum, Inc.

Additional Information: 

Batty Buttons were a set of 24 one piece buttons released by the Topps company in 1973. The buttons came in a "wax pack" (like trading cards) and sold from a counter box. The back of the wax pack has a checklist for completists. Buttons #1-16 have a funny saying and/or drawing. #17-24 have a b/w photo of a Universal Pictures monster with a funny saying.

The photo is of the "Metaluna Mutant" from the Universal Picture "This Island Earth" (1955).

Button Image