Dingbat For Bunker

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Text on Button I'm A Dingbat For Bunker
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A black and white photograph of a man's head appears before a red background. The man has an unlit cigar in his mouth. Ringing the background is a blue rim with white text. Before the text are 2 red, five-pointed stars; after the text there are 3 stars.

Curl Text copyright 1972 TANDEM PROD. INC. OFF LICENSEE - N.G. SLATER CORP. NYC 10011
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Archie Bunker was a character on the CBS sitcom All in the Family, which ran from 1971 to 1979. Portrayed by Carroll O'Connor, Archie was the blue-collar, curmudgeonly husband to Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) and father to Gloria (Sally Struthers). Known for his abrasive nature and often bigoted opinions, the character, along with Edith, was one of the most beloved of television and popular American culture in general in the 1970s.

In 1972, All in the Family and its cast of characters were promoted with merchandise as a tie-in with the U.S. presidential election of that year. "Dingbat" is a reference to Archie's not-so-gentle term of endearment for his wife Edith.

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