Tecate with Salt and Lime

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Red text over photograph of beer can, salt, and lime on white background. Border is green, white, and red alternating. There is a flashing red light that is activated when the metal pin is connected.

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Additional Information Cerveceria Tecate (Tecate Brewery) was founded in 1944 by Alberto Aldrete in Tecate, Mexico. In 1947, Tecate beer began to import to the USA and Asia. Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma purchased the brewery in the 1950s. Tecate was the first "easy open" can in Mexico (no bottle opener required) in 1964. Tecate was also the first light beer to be sold in Mexico in 1994. Now, Tecate is now well known throughout Mexico and the USA.
(2020). Tecate: Our origins. Retrieved from https://tecatebeerusa.com/our-story
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