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Twilight Zone Hologram

This holographic button was packaged with a special issue of Now Comics The Twilight Zone - The Science Fiction Special, January 1993.

The button measures 1.5" with a spring-back pin.

text around the bottom reads The Twilight Zone TM and (c) 1992 CBS Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Text on Button: 


Image Description: 

Photo of a prone man with feet standing on his back. Blue background with white text and a yellow asterisk.

Curl Text: 


Back Style: 

Locking pin

The Shape: 


The Size: 

2 inch

Year / Decade Made: 


The Manufacturer: 

Topps Chewing Gum, Inc.

The Joyce - Cridland Co.


Dayton, Ohio

1-3/4" diameter tape measure

Parisian Nov. Co. Chicago

Pabst Brewing Co. Employee ID Badge

Los Angeles

1-1/2" diameter locking pin back

Whitehead - Hoag

Pat. Appl'd For Newark, N.J.

Bartenders Union Local 131

Nov., 1938

Newark, NJ

7/8" diameter pin back


I'm Irish Kiss Me

Mickeys Malt Liquor

2-3/16" diameter pin back


Orange Crush Soda

15/16" diameter pin back

Pabst Georgia

Purple Ribbon

Pic of Olympic Torch

 Swing In

Atlanta '72

1-5/8" diameter pin back

1-7/16" diameter locking pin back

DuBois Brewing Co.

DuBois, PA

1-7/16"" diameter

Orange Crush Soda