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Philadelphia High School Flying Jenny Pinback

This pinback was issued by Overbrook High School in Philadelphia.  The class of Feb 1942 had chosen Flying Jenny from the comic strip of the same name drawn by Russell Keaton to be their class mascot.  Issuing pinbacks showing a class mascot was a Philadelphia High School tradition.  This is one of the very few pinacks known to show Flying Jenny.  Anyone having information about class mascots chosen by other Philadelphia High Schools is encouraged to comment.

Disney Huey Dewey Louie Pinback Button

This pinback is from Bartram High School in Philadelphia and was issued to commemorate the graduation of the class of June 1942.   I am looking to obtain another copy of  this button and find out more about how it came to be issued by the school.  It is a licensed Disney product.  I am also looking for a similar pinback showing Huey, Dewey, and Louie that was issued in February 1942.  The Philadelphia High Schools graduated two classes a year back then.  I am trying to find out as much as possible about these Philadelphia pinbacks, especially those showing comic strip characters.  Any help

Philadelphia High Schools had a tradition of issuing a pinback button for each of the graduation classes of which there were 2 each year.  This button shows Dragon Lady from the Terry and the Pirates comic strip by Milton Caniff.  Pinback was issued by Overbrook High School of Philadelphia for the June 1947 graduating class. 

Here’s a pin from my collection that may not draw much attention at first, but has an interesting background. Here’s the story:

In my collection, I have had this neat pin for years and fairly recently obtained the postcard of Dakota Indian “John Other Day”. He was a Sioux (Dakota) Indian who was also known as “Anpetu-Tokeka”. Historically referred to as a ‘civilized’ indian, he is famous in Minnesota history and is considered a hero due to his efforts protecting white settlers from the slaughter by his own people in 1862. He was born near Swan Lake Minnesota in 1801. During the 1850’s, he married a white woman, converted to Christianity and became a farmer.

I found this in a old cabinet stereo system....on the edge is well written with a fine ink pen ...Oct 2 1922 Philadelphia Badge Co, Phila there is initial following ,but I can not read it.

This is a pocket mirror out of my collection showing an English bulldog with an apparent headache. This advertisement was created by the Caf-fee-no Drug and Advertising Company from Baltimore Maryland. The Paint, Oil, and Drug Review magazine printed in Chicago in April of 1900 said that the Caf-fee-no Drug and Advertising Company was incorporated in this year and were to be a manufacturer of medicines. 

Note that this company claims that their Caf-fee-no product “cures” headaches.