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West Philadelphia, high school, girl

I am looking for assistance in identifying the character on this pin back issued by West Philadelphia High School in 1951.  The Philadelphia high schools had a tradition of issuing a button specific to their graduating class.  Each class also chose an unofficial class mascot to adorn the pin.  This pin back shown an image of a young girl with ponytails and has a copyright of KFS.  Any help in identifying this character would be most appreciated.  Hud

I found these buttons trash picking and suspect they may have been from the campaign of John Mitchell, the first African American candidate for Governor.  See link:,_Jr.

Happy for any information anyone can provide!



Brother Buzz Club Member Pin

This description found at on 2/15/2016


Vietnam Cause

I'M BACKING 173d IN VIET NAM 2 1/4 Dia. From 1965 the 173rd Airborne was the first major U.S. ARMY ground force to be deployed in Vietnam. This is a very rare button and the ONLY one I've seen.

Vietnam Cause

"I'M BACKING OUR MEN IN VIET NAM!" A semi rare pin from 1965 2 1/4 Dia. No makers mark on curl. Sister pin to The 173d

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Vietnam Cause

Out of SE Asia NOW March on San Francisco April 24 (1971) SMC 1.750 Dia. button, SMC = Student Mobilization Committee, On West Coast 300,000 gathered in San Fran and another 750,000 in D.C.

Vietnam Cause

20,000 American DEAD since 1968 Nixon's Secret election year plans to end the War 1.250 Dia. Nixon ran as a Peace Candidate in 1968

Vietnam Cause

OUT NOW April 24 (1971) Washington D.C.march NPAC = National Peace Action Coalition 1.750 Dia. Made by the Horn Co. Over 175,000 march in Washington D.C.

Vietnam Cause

Uncle Sam bleeds You, pinback button 2.0 Dia. 1970 Horn Co. Take off of the WWII "Uncle Sam NEEDS you" poster the BLEEDS you is in reference and in protest of the Vietnam War tax.