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This is a 1-inch pinback button from my collection that I think is pretty unusual and has a great design.

This mirror came from the Milwaukee WI area. I'm looking for any information.

This mirror came from the Milwaukee WI area. Other than that I know nothing. Looking for any information; manufactured date, how many made, current estimated sell price, etc.

"Soitenly" a favor of mine and one of the greatest natural comedians of all time, Curly Howard of Three Stooges fame would have been 109 years old October 22nd. 

The 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry Regiment had an interesting history, especially betwen 1898-1899 because of their involvement in two wars. Originally, they participated in the Spanish American War where they were sent to the Philippines to help force Spain to surrender the country. Then, because the Flipinos did not get independence as they were expecting, the Philippine-American War developed and continued until 1902. The 1st Colorado stayed around to fight the Filipino insurgents until summer of 1899, at which time they came back home to the US.

Here is a CDV and two pinback buttons from my collection of Eli Bowen "The Legless Acrobaot", born in 1844 with feet but no legs. He was 24 inches high and 140 pounds. He could climb a 13 foot pole and balance on one hand at the top of the pole. He could also grip the pole and hold his torso straight, parallel to the ground, and spin around the pole! He had phenomenal strength and was apparently considered one of the most handsome men in show business. He started at age 13 then later toured in Europe with the Barnum and Bailey Circus as an adult.

Here is a pocket mirror likely from around 1900 showing a real photo captioned “Troubandore Mandolin Club Arbor Pennsylvania”. In the late 1800’s, mandolin playing became very popular. Glee clubs and banjo clubs already existed in schools and colleges at that time, but mandolin clubs started taking over. The mandolin had an advantage over other instruments like the banjo and guitar because the mandolin was cheap, small, romantic, and easy to play. In 1902, the Sears and Roebuck catalog offered six different models of mandolins!

Issued by the Philadelphia Badge Co in the 1920's, here is a "Snookums" pin. Sunny McKeen, known as Snookums was born in 1924 and became a Hollywood child movie star in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. He starred in 39 "Newlyweds and Their Baby" silent movie shorts that lasted from 1926 to 1929. Sunny was very popular at the time with his adorable face and pointed cowlick and most of these movie shorts revolved around him. There were other titles like Snookums’ Tooth, Fishing Snookums, Snookums’ Buggy Ride and Snookums Disappears. Unfortunately, many of his films were not cared for.

This beautiful pocket mirror was issued in the early 1900’s during the golden days of Revere Beach Massachusetts. This beach is located about 5 miles north of Boston. In 1896, the Metropolitan Park Commission wanted to turn a very popular and beautiful area of beach known as Crescent Beach into a major amusement park and ocean-side destination.

This pocket mirror is a real favorite of mine being one of the most colorful and well-designed celluloid items in my collection.