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Vietnam Cause

VOTE YES OUT NOW VIETNAM REFERENDUM 70 1 3/4 pinback, Cambridge anti-war coalition.

Vietnam Cause

STOP The WAR On VIET NAM, SPU 1.75 Dia. Orange version, Early bottons used Viet Nam c1967 Vietnam.

Vietnam Cause

Viet nam For the Vietnamese 1.75 Dia. Green version, SPU = Student Peace Union 1959 - 1964

Vietnam Cause

1969 Ban the SDS Bombers, One of the LAST SDS pinbacks In 1969 the last  national march ends in factional chaos between peace lovers & the bomb throwers AKA Weather Underground or The Weathermen.

Vietnam Cause

April 17 1965 SDS pinback from the 1st SDS National March, Frst meeting was in 1960 University of Michigan. 1st local March was June 1962  The Port Huron Statement Fewer than 100 people attend.

Vietnam Cause

GIs & Vets for Peace in Vietnam Nov.15,1969  March on Washington to bring all the GIs home pinback button 2.5 Dia. The curl (edge) reads: Send contributions to: Vets for Peace 874 B Way, Room 504, NYC 10003

Hi from WESTERN are some of my ever growing collection of vintage memorabilia.

PEP cereal pins,Various cereal pins,RADIO pin premium' a few other's!





independent comicbook

Robot 13 is an independent comic book written by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford, published by Blacklist Studios. Originally self-published in 2009. 1" , no curl text

Sep 27, 2014 Syracuse hosted Notre Dame in the NY College Classic held at Met Life Stadium East Rutherford, NJ. This button was worn by the vendors. When the game was over and we were leaving we asked a vendor if they would aprt with their button. He generously handed it over. 3", lock pin, no curl text.

Comic Convention

The promoters of the 2013 Asbury Park Comic Con utilized this button as an admission pass to the convention, held at the Asbury Park Convention Center. The button features Asbury Park's mascot Tillie converted to look like Robin the Boy Wonder. 1.5", locking pin, no curl text.